Hi guys!

We wanted to talk a little about our big shipping switch-over and what motivated us, whether you've been around for a while or if you've just discovered our little brand, here's some of our story.

After doing a poll on Instagram we discovered that our customers overwhelmingly chose free shipping over a standard shipping price with a gift box included so we decided to put those choices into action. Although our gift boxes have always been recyclable, the wadding inside them isn't, and neither is the outer mailing bag, so we've wanted to move towards packaging that's fully recyclable for a while.

Moving towards a sustainable future together is something that's incredibly important to us and has motivated our choice to be vegan and to utilise business and personal practises that reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible. The fact that this means we can now offer free postage to UK customers is a massive bonus!

Obviously, no shipping is truly free but we'll be absorbing that cost for you and that means that our packaging will now change. Everything we'll use for our standard packaging will now be fully recyclable so we encourage you to recycle or reuse anything whenever you can. We will no longer be including a gift box as standard but if you'd still like one then the option will now be available in each listing for a small fee. 

There will be a few exceptions to the new rules however, and we'll still use gift boxes for more expensive or sterling silver items, at our discretion. But ultimately we're committed to running Sugar & Vice in the most ethical way possible, and we really hope you'll be on board and continue to support us, while enjoying free shipping on everything :)

-Sarah & Matt.