Royal Mail Strikes

As you probably already know (and are possibly tired of hearing about) Royal Mail workers have been striking for the last few months. The strike action this month has come in the wake of an astronomically successful online shopping period during Black Friday weekend so the resulting backlog is.....epic, to say the least.

We understand how frustrating it is, being asked to wait additional days, or even weeks, to receive something you ordered in good time, and we wish we could do something about it. Please know that we explored every option!

If you ordered a gift and it hasn't shown up yet, do rest assured that it will show up soon, it has just been unavoidably delayed by Royal Mail. That's why we've created this image for you to print out and gift to the recipient as an IOU. It's not ideal, but it's a cute compromise that will let them know you care and that the lateness couldn't be avoided. We hope it's of some small consolation to you.

Lots of love,
-Sarah & Matt.

P.S. To use the image, simply right click and save to your device, then print at your leisure.