Gift Boxes


When you order jewellery from Sugar & Vice, we'll ship everything except enamel pins in a single high quality branded gift box to keep it all nice and safe during transit.

In order to prevent unnecessary waste and to avoid having to pass on extra packaging costs to our customers, we only provide one gift box per order. If you're planning on giving jewellery as gifts, you may wish to purchase extra gift boxes for individual pieces. 

Here's a selection of gift boxes so that you can an add as many as you need to your order! The approximate sizes are as follows:

Small (for earrings and necklaces up to 70mm wide. Not suitable for knuckleduster rings.)
Medium (for earrings and necklaces up to 70mm x 70mm square. Not suitable for knuckleduster rings.)
Large (for everything over 70mm and knuckleduster rings) 

If you're in doubt about which boxes best suit your needs, please contact us using the link at the bottom of the page.

Please note, the exact colours, logo and sizes of the boxes may vary from those pictured, as we aren't always able to source the same boxes twice!

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