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The Witching Hour is upon us... September 02 2014 1 Comment

If you're a frequent visitor to the site then you'll no doubt have noticed two recent changes. The first is that we now offer Subscription boxes and the second is that we've launched our new collection...

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Totally Tropical August 18 2014

As the Summer is drawing to a close (boooo!) we thought it would be only fitting to eek out the last precious rays of sunshine and create some seasonally appropriate jewellery to add to our Mermaid Collection and Tropical Collection. We've been asked for a Flamingo necklace so many times over the years that we literally cannot count, so we decided it was time to finally listen to you guys...

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Sugar & Vice 2.0! August 02 2014

Welcome to the brand spanking new Sugar & Vice website and blog!

I'm Sarah and I make up 50% of S&V and my business partner and best friend Matt makes up the remaining 50%. He's in charge of logistics, custom design work, accounting and web design...

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