Sugar & Vice 2.0! August 02 2014

Welcome to the brand spanking new Sugar & Vice website and blog!

I'm Sarah and I make up 50% of S&V and my business partner and best friend Matt makes up the remaining 50%. He's in charge of logistics, custom design work, accounting and web design. We share laser cutting and assembly duties and I deal with the rest of the design work, the social media management and most of the correspondance so if you've spoken to us online before, then chances are it was me you were talking to! In addition to that, I'll now be blogging a few times a month to help bring a more personal touch to our little jewellery company.

Sarah - one half of Sugar & Vice

Building the new website has been a rather long and arduous road, as neither of us had any prior web design knowledge and it had been years since building the last one, so the whole thing was a rather steep learning curve. Seeing it all come together makes my heart swell with pride though, we soldiered on and I like to think the long days and late nights, (and occasional tears) were more than worth it!

We value our customers so much and so we've tried to make the experience of shopping with us more enjoyable and easier than ever before. We've introduced a much shorter checkout process, and the option to pay without having to go via PayPal too. We've also stripped everything back meaning that there are no distractions and we're letting the jewellery speak for itself. The introduction of a Lookbook  means that we can also add more modelled pictures than ever, giving you an idea of how to style your S&V pieces, and what they might look like when worn. It's an exciting time and we hope you like the changes as much as we do.

Sugar & Vice Lookbook

On my blogging journey, I'm hoping to incorporate behind the scenes pictures, new product updates, things that inspire us and also interviews with and introductions to other brand owners and creative types. There may also be the occasional (frequent) cat photo. Because we like cats. A lot.

If you've got any questions, suggestions or feedback, please do leave us a comment or send us an email. We thrive on contact with our customers and fans so don't be shy!

Lots of love,