Totally Tropical August 18 2014

As the Summer is drawing to a close (boooo!) we thought it would be only fitting to eek out the last precious rays of sunshine and create some seasonally appropriate jewellery to add to our Mermaid Collection and Tropical Collection. We've been asked for a Flamingo necklace so many times over the years that we literally cannot count, so we decided it was time to finally listen to you guys and give you what you want.

We were so in love with our pink feathery friend that we couldn't help but create a statement piece using the same design. We added some palm trees for extra tropical flair! No-one can accuse us of doing anything by halves!

As we had happened to get hold of some rather special marbled ivory acrylic, we decided it looked so much like shell that we would be daft not to turn it into shell charms! A bit of engraving and painted detail later and we'd come up with this super cute Natural Shell Necklace to add to our Tropical Collection! It reminds us of surfer babes and lounging under leafy palm trees on picturesque beaches.

Last, but certainly not least we asked ourselves what was lacking from our Mermaid Collection and the answer became obvious; lush pink Coral! It's designed to look like the real thing, only cutesier, girlier and more befitting of a land-locked mermaid.

As promised we've also been adding lots of pictures of the pieces being modelled. In this case the lovely model is the ravishing Rose Desire and the talented photographer is our trusted lady-pal Emma of Luna Photography. We hope you like them and that they give you lots of inspiration on how to wear the pieces.

Have a totally tropical end-of-Summer, lovelies!