The Witching Hour is upon us... September 02 2014 1 Comment

If you're a frequent visitor to the site then you'll no doubt have noticed two recent changes. The first is that we now offer Subscription boxes and the second is that we've launched our new collection!

Let's take a few minutes to explain the subscription element! The steadfast S&V fans among you may remember our incredibly popular Lucky Dips. We chose to retire the Lucky Dips earlier in the year as, because many of the same customers kept buying them, we had to tailor each one to suit the customer so as not to incur duplicates. As you can imagine, over time it started to defeat the object of a Lucky Dip and became a little like a normal order. Being the forward thinking individuals that we are though, we found a way around that issue. Subscription boxes! 

They're released quarterly to coincide with each new collection that we launch which means that because each of the boxes will contain brand new pieces there will be no chance of duplicating jewellery that you already own! It still involves massive savings and you'll also get a completely exclusive piece of jewellery that only the subscribers will have access to. You won't be able to get your hands on it any other way! 

The nitty-gritty is all pretty simple. If you subscribe we'll take an automatic payment from you every 3 months and a couple of weeks after that you'll receive a box of themed jewellery and trinkets, until such time as you wish to cancel the subscription. Easy peasy, right? We hope you'll love what's in store.

The second big piece of news is that our latest collection dropped last Friday and you guys are loving it so far! We thought we'd take elements of recent trends, a little touch of the 90's and combine it with the Autumnal/Halloween season that's fast approaching and BAM, a collection was born. It's a little darker than recent collections, a little edgier too, but we think it's still got the S&V spark that's grown with us over the years. 

With The Witching Hour Collection, we've got pentagrams, ravens, skulls and crosses, there's still lots of choice and hopefully something for everyone. What's your favourite piece?