The Big Move! October 18 2016

It's no surprise to most of our customers that we're a small business, with the emphasis very much on 'small'. We started Sugar & Vice almost ten years ago (!!!) and had worked from home ever since, moving only when circumstances necessitated it. 

Over the years we've grown slowly and steadily. Expanding too quickly and expecting instant success are two of the things that we've seen kill small businesses, so we always took things at a gentler pace. After almost a decade and with very little room to manoeuvre left in our home, we chose to move out and into our very own studio space. 

Finding somewhere in this economic climate (thanks, Brexit!) wasn't easy but after months of looking we finally found the perfect spot on a business complex that's only twenty minutes walk from home; very convenient since I still don't drive (I know, I know...)

It's been bloody hard work and has meant early starts and late finishes but it's so nice to finally have the perfect work/home balance. Plus, we've had a tonne of fun getting everything the way we want it. Here are some pics from the first couple of weeks. 

Our new front door!


....because what's a functioning office without Nerf guns, right?