This is Halloween! October 21 2020

We don't need to tell you lot how much we love EVERYTHING to do with horror; in S&V HQ, it could be Halloween every day! It goes without saying really that October is our favourite month, and we celebrate the changing of the seasons and will take ANY excuse to dive headfirst into anything pumpkin spiced.

Obviously, October gives us the opportunity to bring out our year-round obsession with horror movies and revel in all things spooky and scary. This has reflected over the years in our jewellery too; we've done a collection with cruelty-free taxidermy, one for the spiritual and the celestial, and our personal favourite, the collection inspired by some of our favourite horror movies.
So, you could say we've done a fair share of horror and Halloween themed jewellery! Here are our ten favourite spooky jewellery pieces we make.

One of the cheapest in the list, but a year-round favourite with our customers. You guys love buying these, and we love making them! Available in matte black acrylic.

Not particularly horror related but another personal favourite of ours, as we love black cats all year round! This one has glittery eyes and is the perfect accompaniment to any witch costume.

Inspired by the infamous carpet from The Shining's Overlook Hotel, this necklace is one of our most popular ever. We love that you guys appreciate Kubrick's masterpiece as much as we do.

Whether it’s your name, a swear word, or an exclamation (“ARGH!” looks amazing, by the way), our personalised necklaces can accommodate words up to eight letters long. If you’d like two words, 
check out this listing.

It’s just not possible to pick between The Bates Motel or Overlook hotel so we made both hotel key fobs into earrings! And 
bag charms, if you’d prefer a keyring :)

The word giallo means yellow and has come to be synonymous with the films inspired by Italian mystery novels that were infamous for their yellow covers. We couldn't resist basing this piece on our favourite tropes form an underappreciated sub-genre.

Prom Queen Necklace

Nobody will laugh at you if you're wearng this necklace. Don't be like Carrie White, accessorize with acrylic instead of pigs blood!

You don't have to follow any menacing clowns into the sewer to get your hands on this. It features rope chain to connect the balloon and hand charms; we love a bit of mixed media.

Slasher Necklace

The simple slasher movie is like a comfort blanket at Halloween. We all know the virgin survives, the killer never dies and you never, ever run upstairs! This one features reflective acrylic to make it more realistic, but far less sharp than the real thing.

Skull Coasters

This year means celebrating Halloween a little differently for most of us. Just because youre stuck at home doesn't mean you can't rest your cocktails or punch on a kickass coaster though.