Come and get a Sugar Rush! September 14 2020

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (and honestly, we wouldn't blame you for that this year), you’ll know that earlier in 2020 we launched Sugar Rush, our club where for £30 per month you’ll get a completely exclusive piece of jewellery each month that you choose to buy. We initially did this through a well-known site that manages subscriptions to many businesses, but we didn’t feel it fair that there was a discrepancy in the price you paid each month due to tacked on VAT costs. So, we took it in-house and now you can purchase your jewellery each month at a time that suits you on the platform you're already familiar with.

When we say exclusive, it really is; you select whether you'd like a brooch or necklace, and the design will then be a complete surprise! Our first one was a pair of hands holding an anatomical heart. We wanted May’s piece to reflect some much-needed comfort as the world around took a very scary turn.

June’s piece was serendipitous as we wanted to do something cute but striking and it coincided with the photos of mice curled up in flowers that went viral. If you’ve not seen them, go search the internet for them and thank us later.

July came and some restrictions started to ease in the UK, and as the sun shone bright, we wanted our next piece to reflect how badly we all wanted a vacation! We’re quite lucky to live near the coast, and Whitstable can definitely offer us the sound of lapping waves but I'm not sure I can say I’ve ever seen a dolphin there though!

Each month is limited to 25 slots per month for now, so it really is exclusive. We won’t be reproducing these designs at any other time so sign up for Sugar Rush here if statement jewellery is your thing!

-Sarah & Matt.