Sugar & Vice on BBC South East Today September 22 2015

Last Wednesday morning we got an email from a lovely reporter at the BBC asking if we were free for an interview that afternoon, about our fortuitous brush with Miley Cyrus the week before. Since we're both quite naturally shy people who'd rather let the jewellery speak for itself, our instinct was to back away slowly and then throw the laptop into the sea, never speaking of it again. 

Once we'd had chance to process the offer though, we knew we'd be idiotic to pass up an opportunity that so many other companies would jump at, and we were immensely flattered and grateful to have been asked at all! Three cups of tea later and there was a reporter and a cameraman in our workspace sitting us on the sofa, calming us down and getting ready to film. 

Ten minutes later and the interview was done, and they spent some time filming us in our natural habitat, making jewellery and going about our daily lives. Although it was a daunting experience, it felt good to step outside our comfort zone and score some amazing exposure for the business. It's not something I'd like to do regularly but I'm honoured to have been asked, and proud of how we came across. 

Here's the video in all it's awkward glory!