Behind The Scenes : Witching Hour Promo September 17 2014

Last weekend I took a train to London to help film our latest promo. With Jamie from Fingercuff Productions on board to wield the camera again, we were all set. We spent Friday evening watching the intro's for True Blood and American Horror Story : Coven in order to make sure we were on the same page, creatively, and we used that time to search high and low for the perfect music to use too.

After we formulated some cohesive ideas, we spent Saturday and Sunday filming the meat of the promo. We decided we wanted it to be shorter and snappier than the first two, but also a little more ambitious and atmospheric. Plus, we wanted it to be a whole lot darker and fully reflect the jewellery in the collection.

We had a fun few days and captured a lot of footage, so I've now left it in Jamie's capable hands and cannot wait to see the finished edit! Here are some photo's that I took during filming. I hope you enjoy!