Interview : Luna Photography October 07 2014

We first came across the work of Emma a.k.a Luna Photography a couple of years ago when she was recommended to us personally. Although we like to be as self sufficient as possible we'd admitted defeat on the photography front and had been looking for someone to take hi-res images of our jewellery for a while. As soon as we saw Emma's work we were, quite frankly, in love, and it was a pretty easy decision to ask her to be a part of the S&V family. 

As an outsider, it's been wonderful to watch Emma and her work grow, and it's always exciting to see new images as she's exceptionally creative as well as having a keen eye for a well-framed shot. It's always so nice to develop not just a good working relationship with someone, but a friendship too, and Emma has been a ray of sunshine, both artistically and personally. I got the chance to ask her some questions about her business recently, so here's what she had to say.

S : Tell me about Luna Photography.

E : As an alternative person myself, Luna Photography has naturally evolved into the perfect place for those looking for something different from their lifestyle photography. My personality and style means that I can see the distinctive and original vision that these clients have, and turn them into beautiful images. There are a lot of photographers out there but clients, especially brides and grooms, now realise that photography doesn't have to follow the norm.

What was your biggest motivation to become a photographer?

I have always wanted to be arty, but I cannot draw for the life of me! Through photography I found a way to be creative and display the thoughts and ideas that I have in my mind. I started photographing as a hobby, first friends bands and then bands at the university. I had some amazing opportunities, photographing bands like My Chemical Romance, Killswitch Engage and NOFX. From that I decided that I needed to learn more so I enrolled in an HND at college. The biggest motivation was to finally be able to create what was in my head.

What's been your proudest moment since starting the company?

There's been so many it's hard to define the proudest moment. I like to think of these moments as milestones on the journey of the business. Any time that a bride tells me how much they love the images of their wedding day or a woman has said that the images from a photoshoot has made them feel beautiful, I can't help but swell with pride. Other proud moments though are things like my images making magazine covers and publications I could have never imagined possible.

And what's the biggest obstacle you've overcome?

There have been many obstacles but I think the biggest has been to overcome myself. I have suffered with major depression since the age of 14 and anyone that has experienced this will know the overwhelming feeling of self-doubt and worthlessness. There have been many times that I have wanted to throw everything away and give up but with the help of my husband and friends I haven't, each time gaining more drive to succeed.

Do you find inspiration in other people's work or is it all organic?

I definitely research a lot for lighting styles and poses but I also like to mix things up. For the pin-up photography, a lot of the work is re-creation of a particular style but for a lot of my other work I do what feels right and looks good.

You cover a lot of bases, such as weddings, brand photography and pin-up shoots. Is there anything you'd love to do that you haven't found time for yet?

Underwater photography! I've been trying to organise an underwater shoot for ages but obviously there is so much involved, the correct equipment and underwater housings, a pool large enough that has time free and model that will be comfortable in the water. I'm sure though, that when I finally get it sorted it will be amazing!

What's your favourite event/shoot so far?

I would have to say shooting with Ulorin Vex. Since I started photography, I have followed and idolised her work. Sali and I were fortunate enough to get some time shooting with her when she came back to the UK for a visit and I am so glad to say that not only was she lovely but also an amazing model.

Do you have any advice for creative startups or budding photographers?

I think the best advice is to be true to yourself. Don't try and create a business based on something just because it's cool or popular that you don't believe in because it doesn't last. It's hard work and you have to give your heart and soul but in the end it will all show in your work and that's what will draw people to you.

Finally, what are your plans for the company, moving forward?

Simply for the business to keep growing as it has. The studio has been undergoing a makeover and I'm hoping to have a great launch!


Massive thanks to Emma for taking the time to answer my questions. You can find her on Facebook, read her blog, or check out her website at these links!