DIY : Daria Is My Spirit Animal January 27 2015

I had the incredibly rare opportunity last weekend to spend two entire days by myself in a work-free environment. Now, as someone who loves their work this isn't something I experience often, usually through my own design, but everyone needs a break now and then and so I jumped at the chance for some peace and quiet.

Instead of vegging out in front of Netflix (an activity I frequently indulge in), I opted to pop into Canterbury and buy some supplies for a craft project that I'd been inspired to do based on some Pinterest finds. An hour later and I had the following:

Glue gun (already owned, bought from eBay)
Glue sticks (Bostik, available from most craft stores)
Frame (Wilkinsons, £3)
Toys (Poundland, £1 a bag)
Spray paint (Wilkinsons, approximately £3)
Aida (eBay)
Thread (eBay)
Glitter card (Sainsburys, £2)

After hot gluing all the toys onto the frame, I spray painted it over a number of hours. I used 3 coats to get an even finish and left approximately 45 minutes so it was touch-dry between each coat.

Once the frame was drying I realised I'd need something to go in it! A quick search on Pinterest and I'd found a pretty straight-forward Daria cross stitch pattern so I got to work.

The stitching took around 7 hours all told so I used that time to watch some trashy movies and it flew by. Once the cross stitch was finished I measured and cut some glittery card to size, to use as the border for my frame. 

I'm really pleased with the result and am already planning my next frame/cross stitch combo. Have you guys done anything crafty lately? :)