A Message Of Thanks... May 12 2015

Massive apologies for the lack of posts of late. Between working, finding time to be creative (both in and out of the business) and maintaining a modest social life, it hasn't left me much time for blogging. Excuses aside, I haven't been bitten by the blogging urge since our last, rather heavy, post. Until now...

I have one very important thing to say with this post and that's THANK YOU! The last blog post was very dear to us and was a tough one to write, and then to release on the World, so your response was everything. Annoyingly, as our blog is hosted directly on the website, we're not given the opportunity to reply to comments so I wanted to take this time to say that we heard you, and we love you. I'm bowled over (but never surprised) by the love, appreciation and understanding that our supporters have to offer. It never fails to humble me, and to paraphrase Placebo, "without you, we're nothing."

I have a few more posts that are currently percolating, on a range of business-related topics, as well as a fun post about a home-improvement project, but for now I'll leave you with a run-down of some of our newest pieces to lighten the mood, and to show you what's been inspiring us lately!



Thanks again, for reading, for responding, for being a fan! I hope you like the new pieces :)

Much love,